Layne Yander

Manager - Bossltg & Bossltr Light Tower Operations

Lead ON-SITE Project Coordinating Supervisor


Layne Yander is the Operations Light Tower Coordinator for production and for Bossltr Rentals. He is our main light tower rental coordinator, dispatcher and trouble shooter.

Steven Hurston

Parts & Service Support Coordinator

Logistic Coordination


Steven Hurston is our Boss parts inside sales contact. All parts and service requests for printed information can be requested through him.

Todd D. Chambers

Technical Product Support Manager

UL Company Product and Services Representative


Todd D. Chambers is Bossltg and Bossltr Product sales, technical support and equipment application specialist.

Walter L. Chambers

President - General Operating Partner

Marketing and Avertising Manager

Walter L. Chambers is the day to day operations manager of Bossltg Manufacturer and Bossltr Rentals

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This is a listing of the main operating personnel for Bossltg and Bossltr. Walter L. Chambers is the President of Bossltg, Inc. and General Operating Partner for Bossltr, LLC. Bossltg being the manufacturer of all Boss Products and Bossltr being Bossltg's exclusive rental distributor. Comptroller/CPA in-house for Boss Companies is Jim Woolridge. Todd D. Chambers is the product and service support operations manager for all Boss companies. Layne Yander is the production manager for Bossltg light tower and Portable products. He is also the light tower rental coordinator and head of the field service trouble shooting team for BossLTR. Steven Hurston is Boss companies Parts and Service coordinator along with being in charge of freight logistics.